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LabImage 1D - 1D Gel and Western Blot Analysis

 LabImage 1D gel analysis is a flexible solution with strong image analysis algorithms, applicable also for DNA or protein analysis and western blotting techniques. Due to its workflow-based concept, this application has become a prime example of software usability. Based on the latest technology, this application works with both Mac and the latest Windows versions and requires no special user training.


Customizable reporting and several data export options make the LabImage 1D application one of the most advanced software solutions in 1D gel electrophoresis. Kapelan Bio-Imaging continues to enhance the software with new up-to-date features and provides a full range of LabImage applications - for easy-to-use automated detection software stemming from one source.

















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Main Features of LabImage 1D

Lane and Band Detection
Minimize the time you spend on finding bands and lanes with the automatic and manual mode. Even bent or non-vertical lanes can be detected by optimized algorithms. Adjustable parameters and manual correction support the process.

Molecular Weight Calibration
Use the supplied standard library to assign molecular weights to the gel. The MW calibration view lets you find the best out of six curve fittings for the gel. You can define own standards or download new standards from the web site.

Present your results to others! A 3D gel view allows interpreting the results easily. To summarize your data you can create consistent reports and documentaries.

Every report or data can be exported to other applications in standard formats.

LabImage 1D L360 provides Macro features to fully automate the analysis of 1D gels.

Macros can be applied to either single images or image stacks providing you the power of high throughput analysis.

Dendrogram Features
The dendrogram tool of the LabImage 1D provides an automated creation of dendrograms by solid mathematical algorithms. The cluster analysis thus supports the user in the evaluation of gels and blots.

Project Comparator
Integrated into the LabImage 1D the project comparator is a helpful feature for comparison of gels or blots within different projects. Today this tool already works in our special developmentLabImage SPL and is also available as a standalone application to run multi-channel normalization across gels and blots.


Runs on Win/Mac/Linux


  • Process and Image Analysis Toolbox
  • Automated Workflows
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • LabImage Application Pool

 LabImage 1D & SPL !