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LabImage 1D - 1D Gel and Western Blot Analysis



Main Features of LabImage 1D

Lab image features



 Runs on Win/Mac/Linux


  • Process and Image Analysis Toolbox
  • Automated Workflows
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • LabImage Application Pool

 LabImage 1D & SPL !

Delta2D -Advanced 2D Gel Image Analysis

Delta2D has been designed by scientists for scientists, with one goal in mind - making you more productive.

With Delta2D's advanced image processing, proteome maps, web scouts and quantitative analysis you will extract more information from your gels, in a fraction of the time needed by conventional packages.

More about Delta2D »

VILBER-LOURMAT-logo419bio 1d splash


Bio-1D is a sophisticated and intuitive analysis software designed for virtually any fluorescence or chemiluminescence sample.

The software combines the power of a comprehensive set of analytical tools and automatic functions in an incredibly easy to use environment. It includes 8 different analysis modules from molecular weight calculation to volume quantification, through microtitration and GFP quantification.


The analysis can be saved as a template and re-used for further analysis to facilitate routine analysis. All result tables and graphics can be printed or exported in a Windows® compatible format. The image enhancement module prepares your image for publication thanks to a large choice of filters.




Fujifilm Multi Gauge

Multi Gauge is an optional software application for 1-dimensional electrophoretic analysis of multi-labeled uorophores. Designed specifically to analyze multi-channel fluorescence data from Fujifilm's FLA-5000 and FLA-8000 scanning systems, the software also works with other scanners in the BAS/FLA series and with the LAS series.

More about Multi Gauge »


Fujifilm Array Gauge

Micro/macroarray software accelerates complete array analysis. Fujifilm ArrayGaugeTM software is specifically designed for Macroarray and Microarray samples, with all the practical functions necessary for the most powerful array analysis.

Its ultrafriendly navigation and functions can handle any kind of array (CLONTECH, Genome Systems, Research Genetics even hand-made arrays). It already includes virtually every contemporary cDNA membrane template on the market, with the flexibility to handle others as they develop.

More about Array Gauge »


Fujifilm Science Lab

Fujifilms intuitive analysis s/w for both Pc and Mac. Regions, profiles molecular weights etc

  Raytest AIDA Biopackage