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  • AdvanBlock™-Chemi blocking solution

  • Advansta WesternBright

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    Advansta provides products for every step of protein analysis by Western blotting, from electrophoresis to immunodetection.  

    WesternBright ECL

    The best choice for routine, film-imaged Western blots


    WesternBright ECL is more sensitive than other chemiluminescent substrates, so you can conduct shorter exposures, load less sample, or use up to ten-times less antibody.  Save time and money with WesternBright ECL. 

    • Stronger signal than Amersham™ ECL or Pierce™ ECL
    • Detect low pg protein amounts
    • Use up to ten-times less antibody

    "... I again later today tried the Quantum solution and it gave about 2 times better results than the one from xxxxx !"

    " ..we have now tested the new Advansta substrates extensively and my colleagues are also quite impressed and satisfied! "


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    Quantitative chemiluminescent Western blotting

    WesternBright Quantum is formulated to take full advantage of the linear dynamic range of CCD imagers. It provides high sensitivity to detect low abundance proteins, and does not exhibit substrate depletion with high abundance proteins, so has a larger linear dynamic range than other commercially available substrates. A signal linear with respect to protein concentration over 3 orders of magnitude provides the ability to accurately quantify and compare protein amounts in your samples.


    • Sensitive – detect attomoles of protein per band.
    • Quantitative – linear range of signal with respect to protein amount exceeds 3 orders of magnitude
    • Low background – for high signal to noise
    • Long lasting signal – image blots hours after substrate incubation
    • Versatile – Optimized for CCD imaging, and compatible with film detection. In addition, chemifluorescent emissions can be detected with fluorescence imaging systems







     wb sirius

    See bands you couldn't detect before

     higest sensi

    WesternBright Sirius is the most sensitive HRP substrate available from Advansta for chemiluminescent Western blotting. With attomolar sensitivity and a long-lasting signal, WesternBright Sirius allows you to detect bands not visualized with other substrates.

    High signal-to-noise and a large dynamic range make it ideal for quantifying low-intensity bands. And, chemifluorescence emission allows WesternBright Sirius to be imaged by fluorescence imagers in addition to traditional CCD imagers and film.













  • AdvanStain Ponceau




    AdvanStain Ponceau

    Rapidly detects proteins on nitrocellulose and PVDF membranes, allowing you to check the quality of protein transfer before proceeding to Western blotting. With AdvanStain Ponceau, you can quickly make sure that protein transfer has been even across the entire blot, and that no signs of bubbles or other transfer artifacts are present. The staining is reversible, and after destaining membranes can immediately be used for Western blotting.


    • Quick – detect proteins in 5 minutes or less
    • Reversible – destain in minutes
    • Compatible – after destaining, PVDF and nitrocellulose membranes are ready for Western blotting
  • AdvanStain Scarlet

    AdvanStainTM Scarlet – a sensitive, quantitative fluorescent stain for detecting total protein on gels and blots

    AdvanStain ScarletAdvanStain Scarlet is a fluorescent stain for gels and blots that allows sensitive and quantitative visualization of proteins. Gels and blots stained with AdvanStain Scarlet can be imaged on any fluorescent imaging system, including laser- and CCD-based systems, with a detection limit of less than 1 ng of protein per band or spot.
    Fully compatible with downstream Western blotting or mass spectrometry, AdvanStain Scarlet is non-toxic and biodegradable, for safe and simple disposal.


    • Sensitive- detect less than a nanogram of protein per spot
    • Convenient- simple 3-hour protocol
    • Flexible- stain gels or membranes
    • Reversible- destain for downstream Western blotting or mass spectrometry
    • No speckling- clean background and no speckling for better data
    • Safe- biodegradable and contains no heavy metals for increased safety and simple disposal
    • Compatible- image with any laser or CCD imaging system. Compatible excitation wavelengths include green (543, 532 nm), blue (488 nm), violet (405 nm) and UV (302, 365 nm). Maximum emission wavelength is 610 nm. 


    AdvanStain Brochure 4pg AdvanStain Brochure 2pgAdvanStain User Manual

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