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Bio-1D is a sophisticated and intuitive analysis software designed for virtually any fluorescence or chemiluminescence sample.

The software combines the power of a comprehensive set of analytical tools and automatic functions in an incredibly easy to use environment. It includes 8 different analysis modules from molecular weight calculation to volume quantification, through microtitration and GFP quantification.


The analysis can be saved as a template and re-used for further analysis to facilitate routine analysis. All result tables and graphics can be printed or exported in a Windows® compatible format. The image enhancement module prepares your image for publication thanks to a large choice of filters.




VILBER-LOURMAT-logo419bio 1d splash


  • Bio-1D Advanced key features

    • Transform your 1D gel into 3D results

    • Exclusive NextTM tutorial mode for an incredible ease of use

    • Work with different kind of samples such as DNA, RNA, protein, polynucleotide, Petri dish, microtitrationplates, plants and in-vivo images

    • Ease your analysis by using the same template for the analysis of different images

    • Use state of the art analysis algorithms

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