fusion capt


“Fusion-Capt” is the complimentary software to perform analysis such as molecular weight, band quantification, colony counting and distance calculation.

It also includes image enhancement features to enable editing of comments, inversion, contrast /brightness adjustment as well as colorimetry.


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Image Acquisition

  1. Real time mode
  2. GLP compliance
  3. Positive or negative image acquisition
  4. Grid display for easy horizontaland vertical gel positioning
  5. Pixel by pixel saturation warning display while acquiring the image
  6. Gray-scale monitoring while acquiring the image
  7. User's personal configuration file for easy saving and loading of his/her personal image acquisition parameters
  8. Printing on the default desktop printer


  1. Lane profile display
  2. Molecular weight or pH (IEF)value calculation
  3. Marker's migration curve display and adjustment
  4. Volume, height and area calculation
  5. Colony counting

 Image enhancement

  1. Editing of comments and symbols
  2. Date, time or image namestamping
  3. Image inversion
  4. Brightness and contrast adjustment
  5. 90-degree clockwise rotation
  6. GLP compliance
  7. Horizontal or vertical mirroring
  8. Automatic band detection