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 SpeedMill PLUS

In contrast to most homogenizers available in the market, the SpeedMill PLUS homogenizes samples by vertical movement but not by rotation. With this technique the input power is converted into disrupted forces highly efficiently. Therefore, only little heat is generated.











Tube Fixation / Lysis Tube Q

Especially hard materials like bones, wood and also seeds require longer homogenization times regularly. For these materials we provide a powerful solution now: the tube fixation in combination with innuSPEED Lysis tube Q containing a metal mandrel*.

tube fixation










The innuSPEED Lysis tube Q is recommended to be used with the tube fixation in order to utilize the entire speed of the metal mandrel*.

The tube fixation allows running up to 12 samples in parallel.  

 * after cleaning and sterilization or autoclaving, the metal mandrel is reusable with new empty tubes 


Sample Holder P20

 The Sample Holder runs up to 20 samples in parallel and is made in aluminium design (black). Furthermore it offers passive cooling function and storage down to -80 °C. 

sample holderp20