Novel T-Dyes - Ideal replacement for stains

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T-Dyes - Ideal replacement for stains

The novel T-Dye family combines excellent fluorescence properties with a 5 min hands-on easy protein labeling. The T-Dyes are ideal for sensitive protein visualization in 1D- and 2D-SDS gels: highly sensitive, time saving and with best reproducibility. All T-Dye kits come with 20 single aliquots each sufficient for labeling of 50 µg protein, the T-Dye solvent and the labeling stop solution.

Saturn-2D™ - Run 2D gels with as little sample as 5 µg

Saturn-2D™ is a novel technology for maximal protein labeling in multiplex-fluorescence 2D gel electrophoresis. The protein labeling kit introduces a set of new, pre-eminent powerful fluorescent S-Dyes for binding to proteins by their cysteines.

The Saturn-2D™ kit is ready to use containing the S-Dyes solvent, TCEP for cysteine reduction, sterile H2O, as well as S-Dye low retention tips and micro centrifuge tubes.

Refraction-2D™ - Detect proteins as low abundant as 0.03 ng

Refraction-2D™ is a novel technology for multiplex-fluorescence 2D gel electrophoresis. It is based on irreversible binding of new high performing fluorescent G-Dyes to lysine in proteins.

Run up  to three different samples within one 2D gel

Detect proteins as low abundant as 0.03 ng

Discover even minor but important protein regulation

Find post translational protein modifications

Pick spots directly from the gel- no post staining required!