Velum™ precast gels offer perfect protein separation and a novel experience of convenience in handling. Velum™ gels are film-supported and do not need any glass plates for gel electrophoresis and only a small amount of buffer (included with the kit) is required.

Velum™ gels are ideally suited for Red- and near IR-fluorescence protein imaging (T-Red, TiRed, T-Rex) with a tenfold better signal to noise ratio compared to other gels.

Velum Gel



velum gel sample












The most simple blotting method after electrophoresis for 

BEO  blotter

Velum™ gels is the contact blotting with the Beo Dry Blotter

 After the electrophoretic procedure the blotting membrane is directly placed on the gel-surface.With the help of dry blotting paper and pressure the proteins are forced to migrate on the membrane.