The eyewash is activated automatically by pulling the cover and letting it fall down. When the shower has been activated both your hands are free to the keep your eyelids open while your eyes and face is flushed.




The flushing time exceeds 15 minutes. The shower is loaded with two spray bottles- each bottle contains a sterile 0.9 % buffered sodium chloride solution.


Each spray bottle contains a sterile buffered saline solution.
Buffering helps the eye liquid more rapidly return to its normal ph-value.


There are two alternative buffered solutions to choose from:
Either a sterile chloride buffer saline solution or a sterile borat buffered saline solution.

  • Grip the handle firmly and pull the cover downward.
  • Once the cover is completely in the downward position, the eyewash will automatically activate.
  • The rack contains two spray bottles—each containing a buffered sodium chloride solution.
  • Flush your face and eyes over the water stream, keeping your eyelids open.
  • Use both of your hands to hold your eyelids open.
  • The eyewash will remain activated until the bottles are empty (for approximately 15 minutes).
  • Once activated, the seal is broken.

















How to replace the bottles..