MaestroGen UltraSlim - Smallest gel cutter in the world

To be the most compact LED illuminator, Maestrogen tried to design an LED illuminator not to be a conventional LED trans-illuminator or an epi-illuminator. It comes out the design concept of MaestroGen UltraSlim. MaestroGen UltraSlim is used for DNA gel cutting. It saves your lab spaces. The sensitivity for using MaestroGen UltraSlim is high enough for DNA gels. For DNA gels stained with EtBr, the sensitivity is up to 2 ng, while the sensitivity is even better than 1 ng when stained with safe dyes. 

MaestroGen UltraSlim is sensitive for a wide range of fluorephores, such as GelGreen, GelRed, EtBr, SYBR® Safe, SYBR Gold, SYBR® , Green I & II, SYPRO® Ruby, SYPRO® Orange, Coomassie, etc. It uses blue LEDs instead of UV, not hazard to skins and eyes. Also, it does not damage DNA when illuminating with a long period of time. Using UltraSlim, it is not needed to wear amber glasses to cut gels. Being simple and compact to use is what we noticed from UltraSlim. 

  • Dimensions (mm): 210D x 210W x 30H
  • Viewing surface (mm): 120D x 70W
  • Compact: 30 mm in height, THINNEST in the world now to enlarge your laboratorial space
  • User Friendly: Easy to view and cut gel (NO need to wear amber glasses)
  • Light: Convenient to move around (for personal) Weight (kg): 2.3
  • Safe: Blue LEDs do not cause burn to your eyes and skins; NO DNA damage inherent to UV
  • LED Wavelength (nm): 470
  • Sensitive: Optimized for use with most nucleic acid and protein stains, sensitivity up to 0.5 ng
  • Uniform: <10% coefficient of variance (CV) in the central viewing area

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