Fluorecence Imagers

 SPECTRA RGB-9 module


The new optional SPECTRA RGB-9 module is the latest version of our LED-epi-illumination unit for chemiluminescence or fluorescence systems.

This RGB unit is suited for all applications with a fluorescence excitement in the visible spectral wavelength area, e.g. on membranes, in gels, in well-plates, on cell colonies or on plants.

SPECTRA RGB-9 can be retrofitted in all systems with CN-4000- or CN-8000 darkroom.

Blue diods: 470 nm, Green diods: 528 nm, Red diods: 624 nm



SPECTRA RGB II is an epi-illumination module with powerful red, green and blue LED.
The SPECTRA RGB II can be used with the Fusion and the Quantum ST4 family of imaging systems
from Vilber Lourmat.