Fluorecence Imagers

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The ORCA Gel Analyzer - for SDS-PAGE, SAR-PAGE and IEF analysis in daily routine

The ORCA Gel Analyzer provides massive time savings, reproducible results, independency from sample quality (e.g. difference of protein applied to the gel, differences in protein content), digital reporting and independency of the user.

ORCA Gel Analyzer



 ORCA Gel Electrophoresis

ORCA Gel Electrophoresis       Beo Dry blotter






Flexible systems for easy Western blot and gel imaging

Pulse TS

PulseThe new Fusion Pulse range of camera systems  offers an high level of automation and the choice of external PC or touchscreen models.

Systems are fully upgradeable from pure chemiluminescent system for Western blots to system which integrates gel documentation and multi-colour fluorescence * based on IR, NIR and RBG excitation with pulsed light technology .



 * SPL compatible !





In vivo Imaging at Cellular Resolution 

Cellvizio Dual Band is a versatile, easy-to-use fluorescence imaging system. It covers the increasing need for cellular-level images in molecular imaging combined with non or minimal invasiveness for longitudinal studies. The instrument features simultaneous dual wavelength excitation and detection to monitor dynamically multiple parameters in the living animal. 










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