Fluorecence Imagers

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The ORCA Gel Analyzer - for SDS-PAGE, SAR-PAGE and IEF analysis in daily routine

The ORCA Gel Analyzer provides massive time savings, reproducible results, independency from sample quality (e.g. difference of protein applied to the gel, differences in protein content), digital reporting and independency of the user.

ORCA Gel Analyzer



 ORCA Gel Electrophoresis

ORCA Gel Electrophoresis       Beo Dry blotter






 SPECTRA RGB-9 module


The new optional SPECTRA RGB-9 module is the latest version of our LED-epi-illumination unit for chemiluminescence or fluorescence systems.

This RGB unit is suited for all applications with a fluorescence excitement in the visible spectral wavelength area, e.g. on membranes, in gels, in well-plates, on cell colonies or on plants.

SPECTRA RGB-9 can be retrofitted in all systems with CN-4000- or CN-8000 darkroom.

Blue diods: 470 nm, Green diods: 528 nm, Red diods: 624 nm



SPECTRA RGB II is an epi-illumination module with powerful red, green and blue LED.
The SPECTRA RGB II can be used with the Fusion and the Quantum ST4 family of imaging systems
from Vilber Lourmat.