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Celigo® Imaging Cytometer  - 

Every Cell in Every Well !

celigo adherent cells



The Celigo® S Cell Cytometer is an easy-to-use high speed multi-channel brightfield and fluorescence imaging cytometer for high throughput whole well cellular image acquisition and processing of multi-well plates.

 The Celigo Cell Cytometer Counts Every Cell in Every Well


 The Celigo® S is a second generation instrument which has been designed to provide researchers with increased performance for image acquisition and processing and comes with a collection of applications for automated cell line development, oncology, stem cell research, high-throughput screening and adherent cell cytometry. With an intuitive software interface and optional integration into automation platforms, the Celigo provides labs with increased capabilities.


pdfCeligo S Cytometer Data Sheet


Features & Benefits


  • Uniform high contrast and even illumination allows identification of every cell in every well with no edge effects
  • Best in class bright field mode permits label-free live cell assays 
  • Three fluorescent channels allow multiplexed assays
  • Proprietary optics provide high resolution images (1μm / pixel) with minimum plate movements ensuring minimal sample disturbance
  • Powerful yet easy-to-use software allows a broad user base and reduces the need for specialized users
  • Automation interface for robotic integration enables 24/7 Celigo use
  • Simultaneous data acquisition and analysis for high throughput applications
  • Rapid image capture and processing allows imaging and analysis of over 150,000 wells per day
  • Proven performance with a wide range of adherent and non-adherent cell types


Best in Class Brightfield Imaging

Brightfield Imaging
Brightfield imaging of CHO-S suspension cells
Brightfield Segmentation
Accurate segmentation of brightfield images for cell counting
Segmentation Confluence
Segmentation for confluence measurements

Fluorescent Imaging

Full Well Imaging

BPAE Cells
BPAE cells stained with DAPI (blue), anti-tubulin (green) and phalloidin(red)
Whole Well Image
Whole well imaging of Tumorspheres in clear 96-well plates
Visualization Zebra Fish
Visualization of zebra fish in black wall 96-well plates


Celigo software is easy to use
The Celigo cytometer utilizes an easy four-step work-flow oriented graphic user interface. From loading a plate to exporting data, image acquisition and processing follows an intuitive process that requires no imaging or gating expertise.