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 Your eyes to in vivo imaging
















  The "γ-eye" is a unique benchtop system with 5x10cm2 field of view, suitable for whole-body scintigraphic mouse imaging. 


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Real-time monitoring of cisplatin cytotoxicity on three-dimensional spheroid tumor cells 

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JuLI™ Stage is applied to many different applications of cell works

Browse time-lapse videos and images taken with the JuLI™ Stage and see how it is actually used by researcher from around the world;







Main Functions

  • Image capturing

  • Time-lapse recording

  • Automated video making

  • Image stitching

  • Image & video editing

  • Multi-channel fluorscent colors (GFP, RFP, DAPI)

  • Multi-well monitoring (up to 384wells)

  • Multi-position monitoring


  • Incubator-compatible

  • Fully automated X-Y-Z stage

  • Interchangeable objective lens (4x, 10x, 20x)

  • Manual & auto focusing

  • Compatible with various plates & vessels

  • Data management with all-in-one PC

A stand alone Open Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging System


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Main applications


  • Development and characterization of fluorescent agents

  • Image guided surgery

  • Infectious diseases

  • Oncology

  • Imaging of the lymphatic system

  • Small and large animal imaging
















InSyTe FLECT/CT is our patented fluorescence imaging technology that provides the only true 360° optical tomography system with in-line X-ray CT. FLECT/CT combines all the advantages of FLECT, providing full functional imaging capabilities combined with the anatomical imaging capabilities of the in-line X-ray  CT subsystem.


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