We are excited to announce the first installation of the The New Photon Imager Optima soon is to take place at Karolinska Institute -MBB!

The Optima is a uniquely modular instrument for detecting, localizing, quantifying dynamic bioluminescence or fluorescence signals both in vivo and in vitro.


The 3D module is now available! The Photon Imager now has 4 dimensions - 3 spatial and one temporal, for the detection, localization and quantification of the signal. Acquisitions are fast and signal analysis is greatly helped with the new M3 Vision 3D. Contact us quickly for more information, whether you wish to upgrade your Photon Imager or you are interested in the complete Photon Imager 3D system.

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Tritium is a reliable beta emitter for measurement of biological samples. Problem is, detection is slow. Traditional film and phosphor imaging methods can take weeks to complete.

But now, there's a better way to meet the high throughput needs of your lab. β IMAGER™ cuts your tritium imaging time from weeks to hours.

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µ IMAGER    

Finally, a digital solution to micro autoradiography:

 µ IMAGER™ is up to 500 times faster than film with tritium labeled samples, allows precise quantitation, and boasts a 15µm spatial resolution for tritiated samples unsurpassed by any other non film technique.

µ IMAGER™ is also perfectly suited for high resolution imaging with positron isotopes in ex vivo validations of small animal PET experiments.

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