The LabImager PR is a brand new reader for routine diagnostics. It automatically counts colonies on plates and digitizes and sort them. The first prototype is specialized in digitizing up to 20 plates in one stack. It uses an integrated camera to digitalize the plates and analyze them within the same device. After counting, the reader is able to seperate the plates into two different stacks – one with positiv plates and the other one with negative plates.


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Site specific integration in CHO cells paper


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The Celigo® S Cell Cytometer is an easy-to-use high speed multi-channel brightfield and fluorescence imaging cytometer for high throughput whole well cellular image acquisition and processing of multi-well plates.



The new generation of the fully-automated top-system for chemiluminescence and fluorescence with high-resolution, cooled camera. Available in various modifications, with modular upgrade options. Fully-automated measurements for easy use and optimum image quality.