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Setting a new standard in nucleic acid isolation

Analytik Jena offers an extraordinary wide range of purification and isolation kits for nucleic acids, all made in Germany. Those are based on own technologies and patents. It ranges from manual to automated solutions for DNA/RNA extraction of most starting materials.



LOOXSTER® - enabling technology for bacterial and fungal nucleic acid detection

LOOXSTER® enables relative enrichment of bacterial and  fungal DNA in whole blood and other complex samples, such as ascitic or synovial fluid.  This increases the amount of pathogen DNA entering the PCR reaction, thus improving the signal-to-noise ratio, and significantly raising overall test sensitivity (at least 10-fold). 

The enrichment effect of LOOXSTER® is achieved by means of the specific affinity of the LOOXSTER®-protein, a derivative of the human CGBP-protein, for non-methylated CpG-dinucleotides.


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