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 Analytik Jena‘s Biometra thermal cycler family provides outstanding PCR technology...biometra Tadvanced family

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  • Universal purification system optimized to be used in conjunction with the corresponding RoboGene® Pathogen Detection Kit
  • CE-IVD certified for usage in in-vitro diagnostics
  • Co-purification of highly pure viral DNA and RNA from a variety of starting materials
  • Efficient recovery of viral nucleic acids from 200 to 400 µl sample
  • Easy and fast Spin Filter based extraction method using the patented DC-Technology®


Semi Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation System

with enhanced usability by multichannel pipettes.


  • The small, lightweight QuickGene Mini 480 takes up minimal space on the lab bench 
  • No need for centrifugation throughout the whole isolation process.