Science Imaging is proud to announce that we now are Scandinavian partner of NHDyeAGNOSTICS.




Refraction-2D is a novel technology for multiplex-fluorescence 2D gel electrophoresis based on irreversible binding of a new set of powerful fluorescent G-Dyes to proteins.

Refraction-2D technology is a unique and worldwide patent pending technology. Differently from DIGE technology (GE) the Refraction-2D technology has no mass-matching of the dyes giving you following advances:

  • no interference of fluorescent light of the G-Dyes
  • better automated spot picking by a 'mass-light' G-Dye100 (just 300Da not 500Da as the Cy2)
  • 100% spot matching by using the warping with the 2D-software