Application Info

Tubes for Bullet Blender®

For best results, use tubes that have been verified for use with the Bullet Blender®

  • Eppendorf ®Safe-Lock™ snap-cap tubes for BBX24
  • Axygen® brand 1.5ml screw-cap tubes for BBX24


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Save Time with Pre-loaded Tubes!

Next Advance Bead Lysis Kits are pre-filled with bead combinations optimized to homogenize your specific tissue sample. See our recommended protocols. RNase-free or non-sterile. Available in packs of 50 or 250.


Eppendorf® Safe-lockTM tube bead lysis kits are made of high quality polypropylene and very easy to open and close. These tubes can be used in any current microcentrifuge model Bullet Blender (except discontinued BBX24W and BBX24BW models).

Kits are available in RNase-free or non-sterile versions, and are sold in packs of 50 or 250. Rainbow kits consist of a 50 pack each of Pink, Red, Green and Navy kits.

For help selecting the correct kit, see the bead lysis kit selection guidelines.


Since the bead amounts are based off of a mass ratio, we have provided a simple way to know how many beads you will need to obtain a certain mass. Our bead tables table is below, and a version complete with a bead calculator is available for download inOpenOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel formats.

Useful estimation - a full scoop with the bead spatula will hold about 50 microliters of 1mm or smaller beads, and you can often approximate the appropriate amount of beads by volume by using a 2:1 sample-to-bead volume ratio. Please know that scoop size may vary with different sized beads or because of human error, and the amount of beads required may change based on the protocol. If you find that measuring by volume causes inconsistency, then go back to measuring by mass.