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UV transilluminators are most commonly used in modern laboratories to visualize nucleic acids stained with ethidium bromide or other dyes. There are two different main applications: Analytical gel documentation, i.e. acquisition of images for printing/storage on files Preparative work, i.e. excision of DNA bands from gels, e.g. for cloning purposesThese two applications require transilluminators with different characteristics...





Quantitative and reliable protein 1D gel analysis demands a standardized and reproducible system. Proteins of samples separated by SDS- or IEF-PAGE are usually visualized using protein stains. Yet, protein stains are limited in their capabilities.

Due to the low detection sensitivity of Coomassie high amounts of sample are required. Both Coomassie and Silver stains provide a linear range of signals of only two orders of magnitude .

Fluorescent stains provide much better sensitivity and linear range, however, all stains suffer from limitations in terms of reproducibility and require additional time and labor for staining and destaining...


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